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Vietnam’s instant ramen.

It’s time to try Vietnam’s instant ramen.

I bought 5 kind of ramen at one of a grocery store in Ho Chi Minh City,
when I was on travel visiting in Vietnam.

Chinh who one of my friend lives in Ho Chi Minh picked them up for me.

Vietnam’s instant ramen.

Today, I chose one of the ramen ‘Phở’.
‘Phở’ means ‘rice noodle’ in vietnamese.

This one wasn’t picked up by Chine, it was me.
(Probably, Chine doesn’t want to pick up something like instant ‘Phở’, because he can get Phở not instant easily and cheaply.)

This is the directions of instant ‘Phở.

  1. Put noodles, soup powder, oil and vegetables into a bowl.
  2. Pour enough boiling water and cover the bowl for 3 minutes.

Isn’t it very easy huh?

It was pretty better than I thought.


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